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Secure Erase File

Secure Erase is an application to erase files and folders from any computer's disk beyond recovery i.e. once the files and folders are deleted they cannot be recovered back even with recovery programs. This software helps in permanently erasing files and folders stored in hard disk as it is specifically designed for shredding data beyond recovery parameters. The software can also be recommended as a privacy manager as it helps in keeping your data safe and secure from unauthorized access. Upon use, your data gets permanently deleted and with or without your consent, it becomes untraceable.

Software Features :

  • Quick, secure and permanent erase beyond recovery points.
  • Uses more than 10 data shredding algorithms to erase files permanently.
  • Use it to erase hard disk data, Recycle Bin contents, system files, free disk space, and useless files available on the hard disk.
  • Multiple erase options to shred files at tremendous speeds.
  • Shred files both manually and automatically. So, even if you forget, secure erase won't.
  • You can even save shredding history.
  • 30 days free trial period.
  • Round the clock technical support.

Why to Secure Erase Data:

Deleting your files and wiping them off from the Recycle Bin is not the solution. When you delete something, it actually doesn't remove the data, only the file information is stored in a directory so that if required the operating system can find it. Even the files and folders deleted by pressing the Shift + Del key can be recovered back. When you delete a file, you just flag that part of the drive as being available for new data. Until that region is overwritten with data, the old data can be still be recovered. In fact, that's how all recovery programs recover deleted data.

This can easily lead to privacy breach if you just delete and leave. The deleted data can be recovered back easily with the help of data recovery tools. So, if you are concerned about the privacy of your important files, then you need to erase files them by overwriting the data. This can be easily done with the help of this software.

How to removes data permanently?

This software is built with various data shredding algorithms which ensure permanent data deletion. Once the data is deleted using those algorithms, nothing can be recovered using any tool. Some of the shredding algorithms used in this software are - US Army AR380-19 (3 passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), DoD 5220 + Peter Gutmann and German VSITR (7 Passes).

Secure erase overwrites file contents several times with random bytes, until it becomes totally unreadable. After that the software removes it permanently from the hard disk. The software also removes the indexing information of the deleted data due to which none of the data recovery software can perform recovery.

Use it for free :

Software is available for free download. You can use it free of any charges for 30 days. The free trial version works exactly as the paid version, only that you can use the services for the first 30 days. Use it to permanently erase files and if found effective, you can purchase the software after trial period expires.

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